Divinations & Astrology

Thousands of people trust one of the best divination application. This original application for those who need to make a decision and need some help. You will receive actual, individual divinations that cannot be found in any other place.

Card of the day

Simple and convenient divination allows you to quickly find out what does the upcoming day preparing for you.

Love and relationships, future, Celtic cross

Choose the fortune-telling you need right now. A detailed description of each fortune telling, the value of the positions - will help you to easily choose the right one.

Unique cards

72 author’s card, each of which is drawn specifically for the Tarot application. Each of the cards was created by one author.

New fortune telling every week

Divination for a week or a month. Divination on two cards. Lots of new and interesting divinations every week.


Constant updates and new features. In the near future- share fortune telling with friends and watch them.

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